Leather Feathered Earrings

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I have always loved jewelry, using it to accent and dress up my outfits.  Shopping for jewelry in person or online has always been a passion of mine.  You can only buy so much for your self, at some point I needed to find a different purpose for what I was doing. 

This website began from place to satisfy my need for shopping.  I can’t just shop for myself, I needed to redirect my purpose to shopping for others.  Now I can shop and then share those finds in my Jewelry Boutique online.  Stop by my shop and check out what I have found and curated for you.  I have shopped for various styles, colors, occasions, materials, and sizes.  You will love the variety I have chosen for you to select from.

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I am working on a schedule to feature new pieces as they come in, and share them with you as I post them.

Leather Feathered Earrings

Today we are going to start with one of my favorite materials, leather. These Leather Feathered Earrings are one of my favorites. I love the colors they come in and the visual texture. They have a sturdy piece of leather cut with feathered edges for decorative trim. They are adorned with an ornamental metal feather charm almost the same size as the leather piece.